Connection Wizard

How can cWizard help your company

The Connection Wizard is a powerful suite of software modules used to enable the mobile workforce. At its core, cWizard is a Meta-Client that ensures seamless interaction of all elements required for remote access. It provides a meta layer to hide away all complexity from the end user.

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Seamless integration

Any remote access deployment is made up of a composition of various elements:

  • Connectivity - getting to the internet
  • Access - getting to the company network
  • Authentication and client security
Each of these components might require some user interaction. Often, there can be overlapping of functionality between components, which cause negative effects on each other and the entire system. cWizard solves both issues by enabling a clean integration of all elements and providing a simple user interface.

cWizard Strengths

Easy to Use & Reliable

  • No specific technical knowledge is required for the user
  • Built-in automatic VPN gateway selection, failover, various automated support and remediation activities for common scenarios
  • Manages over 30 million connections per year

Secures the Network

  • By managing the desktop firewall, cWizard protects the client effectively from network threats and attacks
  • Validates protocol compliance in any network environment
  • Location awareness policy allows the coverage of different use-cases and scenarios

Flexible Operation Support

  • Supports migrations, failover and critical scenarios such as pandemic events and mass user switches
  • VPN client abstraction supports underlying technology changes and lifecycle management
  • Extensive reporting targets account, reliability and capacity needs

cWizard Features

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The VPN connection permanently checks end-to-end to address issues behind the VPN gateway (issues with switches, routing problems, capacity issues). The client is automatically re-directed to the next VPN gateway on failure during the VPN session.
Seamless use of available Internet connection. Supports the switch from e.g. a LAN to a WAN or vice-versa. Shows dead gateways and selects automatically an alternative failover gateway for your next VPN connection. Detects an Internet disconnect and searches for an alternative Internet connection and reconnects the VPN tunnel seamlessly for the user.
The next appropriate and available gateway is automatically detected. The client will disconnect and reconnect the VPN tunnel to the gateway and failover to the next one automatically if it fails. The best VPN gateway is selected to ensure a continuous good performance experience for the user.
All topologies are stored on the client. Automatic selection of the VPN gateway in a pre-defined order to ensure best performance experience for the user. Option for manual gateway selection through the user.
Automatic selection of the possible authentication method. Notification to the user if there are issues with the authentication methods (e.g. certificate expired switches to username/password authentication). Option for a manual authentication selection through the user.
Supports various VPN connection methods and API’s using L2TP, DUN, Cisco and CheckPoint VPN. Allows the seamless switch of the underlying VPN technology for the user.
Reports the client, public and VPN IP as well as connection method, performance, latency and various other connection metadata in real-time to the VPN reporting system for various troubleshooting, life monitoring and post connection analysis reports.
Reports the use experience of the VPN connection including duration, drops, performance, latency, IP addresses, client configuration to the VPN reporting system for various operation and accounting reports.
Includes an automated gateway check and issue detection through active baseline monitoring (Current Active User base lining).
One click connection to the helpdesk. Includes automatic proxy handling (e.g. disable of static proxy settings).

cWizard Benefits

  • Cloud based -> no upfront cost
  • Improves the first successful connection rate of your users to 95% which increases their productivity
  • Reduces training time and support significantly with our automated "predict and prevent" issue resolution
  • Proven secure and reliable, manages over 30 million connections per year for 10+ years, including one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world
  • Allows the use of CheckPoint Mobile Licenses, leading to significant license cost savings
  • OOB Management simplifies the handing of updates (software versions, etc.) migrations (ISP's, etc.), and the handling of exceptional events (Pandemic, disaster recovery, etc.).
  • Extensive provider of independent reporting and real-time end-user dashboard
cWizard Dashboard